The Official
Flight Delay/Cancellation Compensation Website

This is the official complaints website for the contributing airlines below. Complaints lodged via this website will go direct to the applicable airline and are processed free of charge. In this respect, you will not have to share any compensation with a claim’s compensation company or law firm so will receive 100% of any compensation paid. Complaints lodged via this website are also processed far quicker than those lodged via a third-party website, claims management company or law firm.




The Airlines

Can I Claim?

If you experienced i) a flight that arrived more than 3 hours late to its final destination; ii) a flight that was cancelled; or iii) delayed, lost or damaged baggage, within the last 6 years you may be entitled to compensation.

Filing Your Complaint Is Very Easy

Step 1

Chose the relevant airline and complete the form

Step 2

Receive a response typically within 30 days

Step 3

If compensation is denied or no response recieved within 8 weeks, matter reffered to ADR provider for binding decision.

How much compensation can you expect

Flight Distance
Length of Delay
Compensation Amount
Up to 1500km 3 hours or more 250 EUR
1500-3000km 3 hours or more 400 EUR
Over 3500km Between 2 EU member states and 3 hours or more 400 EUR
Over 3500km 3-4 hours 300 EUR
Over 3500km More than 4 hours 600 EUR

If you have already lodged a claim but been refused compensation or you are not happy with the result

If you’ve been refused compensation or you are not happy with the result, you can now lodge a complaint with the applicable independent alternative dispute resolution (ADR) body.

If the Airline subscribes to either Aviation ADR or CEDR, their decision will be binding on the airline.

To file your claim to ADR chose your Airline below.